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Aspen bidet seat models

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Regrettably Ascot Hygiene had to discontinue the Aspen bidet seats in July 2010, after manufacturer supply problems.  This page and the technical information are here to help existing customers and installers.  

We supplied the Aspen bidet seats to Channel 4's last Big Brother TV show.


Aspen ORCHID - Robust & simple to use

The Orchid offers all the principle functions; dual wash nozzles, warm air dryer & heated seat.  It represents excellent value for money and is durable and comfortable.  The ideal choice for those who require a robust, simple to operate, traditionally styled bidet seat.

  • Integrated side mounted control panel

  • family bidet wash

  • feminine wash

  • warm air dryer

  • heated seat

  • safety "seat occupied" sensor

  • soft close seat & lid

  • 1 year UK warranty

Price when discontinued in July 2010:
£449.00 (£382.13+VAT)
Customer rating:  

Quick model comparison

Model name

Bidet nozzle

Feminine nozzle

Massage wash

Warm air dry

Heated seat

Soft close

Automatic cleaning

Remote control















1 yr












2 yr

Aspen JASMIN - The supreme bidet

The Jasmin offers the very highest levels of technology & function.  Elegantly designed and fully featured including a remote control, deodoriser, alarm call and the massage wash functions.
Like the Orchid, the various functions can be programmed according to your personal preferences.  For example, the temperature and force of the washing water, the heat of the air dryer and the surface temperature of the seat itself can be set and adjusted from the control panel.
The control panel is remote, so can be fixed to a nearby wall at eye height to make the operation of the bidet that bit easier.  The control panel slides into a wall mounted base, allow you to easily remove the panel for easier use.  In the event of battery failure, you can still operate the main functions using buttons on the side of seat unit.

In addtion to the Orchid, the Jasmin offers:

  • Sleek & elegant design

  • Message wash function

  • Remote control unit

  • Deodoriser

  • Alarm call

  • 2 year warranty

Price when discontiued in July 2010:  
£549.00 (£467.23+VAT)
Customer rating:  


What functions does an Aspen bidet seat perform?

Dual nozzle warm water wash
One of two nozzles that extend from deep in the back of the toilet seat sprays a stream of warm water from its tip.  The warm water spraying from the 3 holes in the nozzle takes the form of a shower which rinses your posterior.  This shower feels incredibly soft as it cleans.

Feminine shower
The second nozzle extends to give a feminine shower.  The nozzle has 10 holes, which makes the touch of the water against the skin softer than that of a shower spray.  During urination or when sweaty, during menstruation, pregnancy or after childbirth, etc., this shower improves feminine cleanliness.

Warm air dryer

This function dries the dampened parts using warm air.  Drying is done by blowing warm air after shower or bidet washing, so a comfortable, refreshed feeling is obtained.
If the user wipes lightly with toilet paper first, drying can be done faster and more thoroughly.

Heated seat

The toilet seat remains heated to a constant temperature, so the breath-taking shock of sitting on a cold toilet seat in winter time is eliminated, making it possible to use the toilet comfortably.

Massage Wash
This facility is produced by varying the water pressure to produce a messaging effect which works as a suitable stimulus for improving the blood circulation or hemorrhoids. In addition, the rhythm can be adjusted by the user.

Soft closing lid
Both the lid and seat have an anti-slam, soft closing mechanism.
All are finished in an anti-bacterial resin.

Nozzle cleaning

The bidet seat automatically cleans both nozzles after every use and additional cleaning can be carried at anytime with a simple press of a button on the remote control.


The deodoriser eliminates odors around the toilet.

An alarm function alerts others that assistance is required and is reassurance for the elderly, disabled or children.


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