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Water heaters FAQ

How can they make them so small?
The award winning, patented design incorporates an electronic flow control device and heating element, working under permanent water pressure thereby eliminating the conventional bulky valve and shut-off mechanism.

Will they deliver the warm water I need?
Check the
flow/temp chart and then select either the 3.5kW, 4.5kW or 5.5kW model to suit your requirements.  The water temperature delivery is from 32-62°C, depending on the model and controlled flow rate.  The flow rate is controlled via a screw on the side of the above-sink units (P350A & P500A) and by a suppressing valve installed on the cold water inlet feed on the below-sink units (P3500B,P4500B & P5500B).  This may also require seasonal adjustment depending on the temperature of the inlet water.
Although these units can be installed at a kitchen type sink, the performance will not match a full flow hot water system and will not deliver lashings of hot water to do a big greasy wash-up.  Therefore, we only recommend the 5kW models for kitchen sink installations where only light use will be required i.e. offices, workshops, studios etc.

What applications can I use them for?
The compact size allows neat & easy installations under sinks and in cabinets.  All units are suitable for wash basins.  The 5.5kW models are suitable for light use kitchen sinks, but will have their limitations - see notes above.  You could also use them for hand showers such as used in hair dressers or dog groomers etc.  However, they do not provider enough heating capacity to use for a walk in shower.

What guarantee do I get?
Rest assured, every unit comes with a 'no quibble' 2 year UK advance replacement warranty.

What do I get in the box?
Below sink models - You get the heater, installation instructions and a
fitting kit consisting of a suppressing valve,  spray tap converter, chrome pipe cover, screws and wall plugs.
Above sink models - You get the heater, installation instructions, high quality chrome tap assembly with o-rings and filter, screws and wall plugs.

What is the optional flexible hose kit?
We also sell a flexible hose kit which will make fitting the below sink heaters easier.  The kit comprises of two WRAS approved 300mm x 10mm hoses with 1/2" BSP female connectors at both ends.  These hoses aren't normally stocked at your local DIY store or builders merchants.  One hose goes between the suppressing valve and the heater inlet, and the other hose goes between the heater outlet and the tap.  Refer to the installation diagram for guidance.

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