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Bidet seats: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a bidet toilet seat?
It's a computerised toilet seat that delivers bidet facilities which replaces your existing toilet seat.

Why 'better than a bidet'?
Not only does an bidet seat offer instant warm water wash and air drying built into a toilet seat, it's also safer and more convenient to use and saves precious space in your bathroom.

What will an bidet seat do for me?
An bidet seat will give you that 'shower fresh' feeling at the touch of a button - maintaining your personal hygiene has never been so easy!  Improve your life today - enjoy simple, safe & hygienic cleaning.

Will I have space for it?
Yes - Becuase the bidet seat does not take up floor space like a traditional bidet, you can now have a bidet in the most compact of bathrooms.  Our bidets have been designed to install onto most UK two piece toilets.  There may be some restrictions when fitting to a one peice toilet, so please check the dimensions on the technical details page.

Why are these different from other seats?
Unlike other similar type and styles, these bidet seats have been exclusively designed by Kleanstreet UK to exacting UK dimensions to ensure they install onto standard UK toilet pans.  Do not confuse these with other similar DIB models which may overhang a UK toilet pan by 2-3cms.  Refer to the technical page for dimensions.

Are they easy to install?
Installation is straightforward as the bidet just requires a cold water supply and normal mains electricity, in accordance to normal bathroom safety regulations.  We do recommend that only qualified plumbers and electricians fit these.  UK building regulations require the electricity supply to be made by a qualified electrician.  If you move house, the bidet seat can easily be removed and installed in your new home.

What is the guarantee?
Apart from guaranteeing your improved hygiene, the bidet seat has a factory supported UK warranty of 1 year.

What is the colour?
Although it doesn't show too well on the pictures, the seats are bright white and will suit any white bathroom suite.

If you need any further information, please ring us on
01869 278118 or email.

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