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We sell two models of electronic bidet seats; the KS1500 & KS1500R.  They only differ in the control panel - the KS1500 has a fixed panel on the side of the seat and the KS1500R has a remote control panel that you can fix to a more conveniant location such as a nearby wall.  The remote control also adds a preset memory function.  Both bidet seats are specifically designed to fit the UK sized toilet pan, whereas some other bidet seats can overhang a UK toilet pan by 2-3cms.  Do not confuse these with other international DIB1500 models or elongated seats from other suppliers (they don't fit very well!) - our seats are UK sourced and shaped for UK toilet pans.  Click here for
Full dimensions chart.

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KS1500 bidet seat

The KS1500 has a fixed control panel to the right side (ie. right handed when sitting on seat).  You can customise all functions of the bidet, such as water temperature, water pressure, seat temperature and so on, but these adjustments cannot be saved for individual users as they can with the KS1500R.
bidet functions.

Price: (£407.50+VAT)
£489 plus delivery

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KS1500R bidet seat

The KS1500R has a remote control unit that can be mounted at a more convenient location, like a nearby wall.  The remote control unit has an LCD screen to make operating the seat even easier.  It also adds a preset memory function which allows up to four users to save their own preferences of the water temperature, water pressure, nozzle position and dryer temperature.  This is ideal where the seat is used by different members of a family.  The KS1500R also has a small 3-button control panel on the side of the seat to enable basic operation or as an override in case the batteries fail in the remote unit.
bidet functions.

Price: (£415.84+VAT) Was
£560 NOW only £499 inc delivery.

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These seats above differ from our previous Aspen range as they come with instantaneous water heating, allowing you an unlimited supply of warm water, rather than an onboard reservoir.  The advantage is that a wash cycle can be longer if required (up to 2 minutes at a time) and also the seat is immediately ready for another operation cycle.

Operation of the bidet seat is simple.  You simply press the Wash button for an aerated warm water wash which is followed by a warm air dry.  At the same time, it's powerful deodoriser works to neutralise most of any embarrassing odour.  The wash and dry functions are all adjustable, as is the nozzle position for posterior or feminine wash.  The seat is also heated and all operations are immediately stopped if the user gets off the seat.
Both models also include a Child button for child friendly operation.  This excludes the enema wash (turbo wash), limits the pressure on the wash settings and reduces the seat temperature to room temperature.

  • Retrofits - simply replace your existing toilet seat

  • Inline water heating for uninterrupted warm water supply

  • Heated seat with soft close

  • Anterior/Feminine wash

  • Posterior wash

  • Warm air dryer

  • Water massage

  • Pulse function for pulsating massage

  • Child safety to ensure safe wash for children

  • Deodoriser

  • User personalised settings

  • Regular and low energy modes

  • Safety sensor

  • Self cleaning

  • Made from Anti-Microbial material

  • Bright gloss white in colour

FAQ and technical pages for further information.

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