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Toilet pan compatibility

The following dimensions should be used as a guide to determine whether your toilet pan is suitable to accept a Kleanstreet bidet seat.  

A : 420-460mm
B : 40mm minimum
C : 120-210mm
D : 365-400mm

E & F not applicable

Once you have determined the dimensions are suitable, you just need to check that the top surface of the pan is flat and level with no ridges, mouldings or bumps within the dimensions as these will not allow the mounting plate to sit properly. Some pans have a ridge along the side by the seat holes and some have a kick-up towards the cistern which can get in the way. Ensure yours doesn't and the bidet seat should fit well.

Please call 020 300 65 300 if you require further technical assistance.

Product dimensions

Click on bidet seat to see full dimensions.

Further information can be found in the user manuals.

Technical specifications


KS1500 & KS1500R bidet seats

Rated voltage

220V-240V AC 50Hz

Max power consumption


Power cord length

1.8 metres

Water pressure


Water heater rating


Water heater range

Room temp to 38°C

Heated seat rating


Heated seat range

Room temp to 42°C

Dryer rating


Dryer range

Room temp to 50°C

User manuals

Further installation information can be found in the user manuals.

KS1500 user manual

KS1500R user manual

These manuals are PDF files and you'll need PDF viewing software on your PC to view these.  The most commonly used free viewer, Adobe Reader, is available here.

Requires connection to a suitable water supply in accordance with UK water regulations.  An inline boost pump may be required where water pressure is low.  Consult your registered installer.

Important - To fully comply with UK water and electrical regulations, we recommend installation is carried out by registered tradesmen.


Do you have more questions?  Please ring us on 020 300 65 300 or email.

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