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Below are some examples where Ascot Hygiene have been in the press:

The Guardian, August 2006 - 'Bidet toilets, they're the future - I've sat on one'
"When self-confessed lavatory enthusiast Helen Pidd tried out this paper-free, hi-tech contraption in a London restaurant, it was a complete revelation to her. Is Britain finally coming out of its toilet dark age, she asks - or are we forever doomed to giggle and blush at the very mention of someone having a bidet?......"
See full story here.

Daily Mail, Augist 2006 - Paperless toilets rolled out in Britain
"This was the best toilet experience of my life. I went for an innocent loo break between sushi courses and ended up road-testing the lavatorial equivalent of Nasa's Space Shuttle. In place of the toilet roll, there was a control panel......"
See full story here.

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