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Change log

This is a log of website changes, primarily for our own use, but it may help regular visitors.

Website updates

6/8/2012 - Marked travel bidets as out of stock & removed from cart system.

26/6/2012 - Removed HTML protection (i.e. right-click copyright).

18/4/2012 - Customer review added to KS-1500R.

22/11/2011 - Added share/save facility to lower left of site.  This gives you a quick and easy way to share the page via social network sites or email.

21/11/2011 - Updated Home page, About Us page & Aspen Models page.

11/10/2011 - Changed website servers.  Update phone numbers & address.

8/4/2011 - Added automatic taps technical information & FAQ pages.

7/1/2011 - Delivery price changes.  Changes to flexi hose kit details.

5/1/2011 - Pricing updates after VAT rate changed to 20%.

21/10/2010 - Added automatic taps product range.

20/10/2010 - Added 'About Us' page.  Changes to the Home page.

24/9/2010 - Minor updates to PayPal account linking to improve reliability.

13/8/2010 - New home page.  Fixed errors with user manual downloads.  Additional bidet seat information added.  Automatic taps pages added.

12/8/2010 - Changed DIB seat model numbers.  Various spelling corrections.

8/8/2010 - Included Isle of White postcodes into "Highlands & Islands" delivery banding.

3/8/2010 - Added new DIB bidet seats.  New home page.  Cosmetic changes.  Moved Aspen bidet seats to a new discontinued products section.

29/7/2010 - New website menu structure ready for new product ranges.  Aspen bidet seats now discontinued.  

14/7/2010 - Suspended Aspen bidet seat sales.

5/7/2010 - Minor updates to contact email forms.

18/6/2010 - Added Big Brother page and minor updates.

14/6/2010 - Minor updates to bidet seat names.

10/6/2010 - Our bidet seats have been supplied to Channel 4's Big Brother.  Minor updates for search engines.

27/5/2010 - Bidet seats now available, so added back into shopping cart.  Price rises to P3500B & P500B heaters.

2/4/2010 - Added anti-spam security checking to all contact forms.  Sorry for adding this, but we receive too much rubbish!

19/3/2010 - Temporarily suspended bidet seat products.  See here for more details.

15/3/2010 - Added trade stockists page & updated trade enquiries.

12/3/2010 - Customer reviews and ratings now added to all products.  Cosmetic changes to links.

11/3/2010 - Added form for customers to review & rate products.  Add you review here.

23/2/2010 - Added new delivery information for Highlands & Islands and new rates.

20/1/2010 - New delivery information page added.  Also menu structure improved with shopping cart and ordering information all within one menu.  New restricted Trade section added with trade pricing for water heaters.

19/1/2010 - Added additional installation information to water heaters to both the FAQ & Technical pages.  Water heater images changed.

16/1/2010 - New above-sink water heater products added, with changes to all water heater pages.

1/1/2010 - VAT rate increases from 15% to 17.5%.  We have lowered our prices to keep the gross price the same.

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