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Hydra product

Ascot Hydra

Using the thermostatically adjustable digital control unit, you decide what temperature you want and the wash system delivers that temperature (within +-3*) for as long as you need.

Requiring only an LPG/Butane fuel supply, either bottled or tank, a 13 amp power supply and mains cold water the Rinnai 17e will do the hardwork.

Easily installed on an outside wall or in a well ventilated undercover area, your grooming starts with a warm water wash down and ends with both horse and groom in much better shape.

The Ascot Hydra is Unique!

  • Practical = LPG/Butane fuel (tank or bottled)

  • Adapatable = connect 1, 2 or 3 warm water hoses at the same time

  • Powerful = 15ltrs a minute at 42* controllable, anti-scald warm water            

  • Efficient = digital water temperature controls elliminate wasted fuel

  • Simple = Hang the heaters on a wall and go

  • Durable = External heater designed for the outdoors - 3 year guarantee

  • Innovative = Digital controls, up to 3x users, built-in flue

  • Safe = Anti-scald, thermostatic, digital temperature controlled by you


  • Versatile = wash down virtually anything, even connect to a power washer

  • Economical = controlled delivery means minimum fuel consumption

Image of hoses

Simply add another hose/nozzle to the system, the HYDRA will cope with up to three hoses* all running at the same time, no other LPG system performs like an Ascot HYDRA.

*(5ltr/min flow per outlet)

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