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Relax with Confidence
Rinnai digital controllers allow you to simply key in the water temperature you want (from 37°C to
55°C) in up to four different locations around your home.

You can set water to a safe temperature
for the bathroom, then set it higher for the kitchen or laundry.

Rinnai controllers are water resistant
for use in damp areas, including bathrooms.

Precise Temperature Control

  • Bath the baby at 38°C, the kids at 40°C and yourself at 42°C - it’s your choice

  • Reduce the risk of scalding, especially useful for children or the elderly

  • No more hot or cold blasts in the shower. If someone turns on another tap in the house, the controller ensures water is still delivered to you at the desired temperature

  • No need to mix hot and cold water to achieve the right temperature - simply turn on the hot tap and enjoy

  • All Rinnai controllers* are compatible with standard use and Heavy Duty water heaters


Deluxe Kitchen Controller*
For use in the kitchen and the laundry, as with he standard controller, with the added benefit of working in conjunction with your deluxe bathroom controller.
When your bath is ready the alarm sounds on all deluxe controllers.

Price: £164.40 (£137 + VAT)

Compact Controller*
Our smallest and most economical model,
the Rinnai compact controller can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, en suite, even the laundry.
At the touch of a button you can change the temperature up or down as required.

Price: £130.80 (£109 + VAT)


Deluxe Bathroom Controller*
Rinnai deluxe bathroom controller allows you to achieve ultimate control, with the option of working in conjunction with the kitchen deluxe controller.
Deluxe bathroom controllers are complete with inbuilt clock, internal speaker and volume controls, allowing you to fill a bath to the desired level and at the precise temperature you want, at the touch of a button.
The controller will automatically turn off the hot water and a voice recording will advise you when the bath filling is completed.
You can select any volume of water, small volumes for youngsters in a bath to large volumes for spas.

Price: £204 (£170 + VAT)

* All Controllers are not compatible with the 16i heater

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