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Rinnai Infinity 17e external water heater

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The Rinnai 17e external water heater has the added advantage
that the unit is externally mounted. This feature gives greater
flexibility at the design stage and can offer an alternative
solution where flue runs are problematic or internal space is
not available.

As with all units in the Rinnai range the 17e has full
frost protection.

A range of external ancillary items including a pipe cover box
and security cage are available where necessary.

Capable of flow rates of up to 510 litres per hour at a 50°C rise,
the 17e is suitable for multiple applications, such as café’s,
small restaurants and kitchen facilities.

These units operate on either Natural Gas or LPG (Propane).  Fuels cannot be mixed.  
Remember to specify the fuel when purchasing.  

A full range of ancillaries including flues guards are available, Click here for more information.  

Price: £645.60 (£538 + VAT) + delivery

Call us on 020 300 65 300 for more information and purchasing.  

Or email sales@ascot-hygiene.co.uk

Our range of digital controllers can be found here.

A full range of ancillaries including flues guards and timers are available on request.  

Internal components are rigorously tested
within specialist test laboratories to withstand
and all weather conditions.

All models supply high levels of efficiency
ranging from 83% to 107% with burner
modulation down to 2.4kW.

Technologically advanced PCB system ensures
temperature accurate hot water delivery, efficient gas usage & numerous
safety features.

Frost protection is fitted as standard on all
Rinnai appliances, safeguarding your water
heating against the elements.

• Multiple safety devices
• Combustion Fan Sensor
Ensures flue gases are exhausted
• Hot water Delivery Thermistor -
30 ensure water temperature is accurate
within 3 degree of set point
• Fusible Link - Full electrical lockout overheat
• Flame Rod - Ensures burner is lit
• Water Pressure Relief Valve - prevents bursting

Water temperature accurate to within 1 degree
of the set point; this is achieved by strategically
placed microprocessors monitoring the water
temperature in excess of 100 times per second.

Water heater is designed to
be mounted externally and comes with
frost protection as standard.

Ranging from
16-35 ltr/min

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