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Rinnai Infinity HDC1500i/e

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Rinnai water heaters will
never run out of hot water

The condensing process delivers up to 107% gross thermal
efficiency, which translates to significant energy savings when
compared to their conventional counterparts.

• Energy efficient -
HDC1500i/e 105% net efficiency*
HDC1200i/e 107% net efficiency*

• Saves space, water, energy and time

• Limitless application

• Compact design with internal and weather-proof
external models

• Renewables ready when you are -
Suitable for use as a temperature booster for
solar thermal and heat-pump

Digital controllers are also available for this model.  Click here to see more.  

Status monitoring
for easier diagnostics

The status monitor, on the front of the unit, has three conditions:

1 The water heater is off (no water flowing):
The LED is blank

2 The water heater is on (heating water):
The LED displays the set temperature

3 The water heater should be on, but is not
(water is flowing, heater is not on):
The LED will flash a diagnostic code


Thank you for your interest in the HDC1500 Condensing water heater.  If you would like more information about this unit, please fill in the form below, or call us on 020 300 65 300.  

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